Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How do I make an appointment?

Generally our referrals come from the Department of Family and Children Services and the Department of Juvenile Justice.  Once those referrals are sent to us a Phoenix staff member is assigned and they will make an appointment with you.  If you are a private client, not involved in the court system or DFCS, and wish to receive counseling services please call 770-834-0021 or email Contact@phoenixresourcecenter.org.


2.  Do you take Medicaid or other insurance?

Currently Phoenix accepts Peachstate, Wellcare, Amerigroup, Aetna, BCBS of Georgia, and Tricare.


3.  Can I see you if I don’t have insurance?

You may be able to.  If you have an open DFCS or DJJ case, you may be eligible for Promoting Safe and Stable Families Funding.  This funding allows us to see those families involved in those departments for free to the referring agency and to the family. 


4.  If I don’t have an open DFCS or DJJ case, can I make an appointment?

Yes, however, the payments we accept for private clients are somewhat limited.  If you have no involvement in DJJ or DFCS, you may still be able to see a counselor.  For private clients, payments are based on a sliding fee determined by the therapist and what you may be able to afford.  These payments are accepted through cash or check.  There is a $25 returned check fee for bounced checks. 


5.  I’m required to attend an anger management class or parenting class, can I do this through Phoenix?

Phoenix does offer parenting classes on occasion.  When we have a therapist available we will post the parenting class well in advance on our Event’s page.  There is a cost associated with these classes, but it is minimal.  For more information, send us an email or call our office.


6.  Do you do Home Evaluations and Comprehensive Child and Family Assessments?

Yes, we have three therapists who have experience and appropriate training for conducting these assessments.


7.  Do you see Spanish Speaking clients?

Yes, we have two Phoenix staff members who speak Spanish.


8.  Are you a CORE provider?

No.  Presently Phoenix is not a CORE provider.  We are inquiring about becoming a CORE provider next year.


9.  Can I have copies of my notes and reports?

Families may have copies of their reports.  Notes for DJJ and DFCS clients are sent directly to those agencies.  If you are interested in obtaining copies of these documents, you should contact your case worker or probation officer.





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85 Tyus Carrollton Road

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Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday, Sunday and after hours appointments are available.


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