Keeping you Informed of your Rights

Here you can find documents related to your referred services.  Every client has access to their client handbook to stay informed of their rights as a client.  Please click below to retrieve a copy.  If you are unable to access this digital copy, please contact our office for a hard copy.  


You can reach the Program Director at 770-834-0021.


I.K. Annex B Client Handbook RV2022 B.pd[...]
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Risk Management Plan
I.G. Annex A Risk Management Plan Revise[...]
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I.E. Annex C Notice of Privacy Practices[...]
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Strategic Plan
I.C. Annex A Strategic Plan Community Co[...]
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Satisfaction Survey
I.D. Annex A Satisfaction Survey.pdf
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Notice of Privacy Practices
I.E. Annex E DHS HIPAA Fact Sheet.pdf
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Social Media and Public Form Policy
Social Media and Public Forum Policy.pdf
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Statement of Confidentiality

We are ethically and legally bound to maintain the confidentiality of our counseling relationships and the content of our counseling sessions. We will not release any information to another person without your specific written authorization. If your services were referred by DFCS or DJJ, however, we may be asked to share with them the progress of your case. Phoenix Resource Center staff members follow HIPAA guidelines in protecting your private health information. All staff are required to participate in an annual training on HIPAA and Confidentiality guidelines.   


There are times when we are required to break confidentiality:


All Phoenix RC staff are Mandated Reporters. Anything you say or do in the context of services is confidentially privileged with the following exceptions:

  1. If we are concerned that you might be at risk of harm to yourself physically, we are bound by law to take appropriate action. This may mean contacting family members or other professionals or taking steps for you to be hospitalized in order to protect you from harm.
  2. If you threaten or suggest that you pose a threat of a physical nature to another person, we are bound by Law to contact that person to warn of possible danger.
  3. If we believe a child or elderly or disabled person is being physically or sexually abused, we are required by Law to contact the appropriate State agency even though this information is disclosed in the context of the confidential counseling relationship.
  4. If you use confidentiality as a means of avoiding legal punishment privilege is waived. Counselors may not aid or abet the perpetration of crimes.



Filing a Grievance

Here you have access to information regarding your rights as a client.  You can find a copy of the grievance form here.  If you ever feel as thought you rights as a client have been violated, or you feel a formal complaint regarding services needs to be made, please commplete the form below.  If you are unable to retrieve a copy, please call us at 770-834-0021 for assistance.  Please note a client will NEVER been at risk of retaliation for any grievance filed.

I.K. Annex C Grievance Form RV 2022.pdf
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You may also file a grievance online by clicking the link below.  You can identify yourself OR you may submit this anonymously:




Code of Ethics

For your information, please find our Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics
I.A. Annex I Code of Ethics Notification[...]
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